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We are your New Kichler Rep in Texas. We have been in lighting industry for over 17 years. At TXLLSales we help distributors and contractors increase sales by understanding the benefit and features of our products. We are independent representatives and are proud to represent Kichler. Landscape Lighting, LED, Green Products are our specialty We have products that cover all aspects of landscape lighting especially LED. Our products represent the best quality in the industry and we are proud to offer training and consultations to distributors and contractors to illustrate all the best benefits, uses and ways to increase sales.

Wick Mackenzie

Wick Mackenzie’s unwavering commitment to his sales career is evident through his persistence and strategic approach. With over 40 years of experience in sales and sales training, Wick has honed his skills and developed a results-driven mindset. Drawing inspiration from Winston Churchill’s famous words, he firmly believes in never quitting. Wick emphasizes the importance of continuous learning, training, and refusing to accept rejection. While success may not come immediately, he remains optimistic, knowing that tomorrow brings new opportunities and better results.

For the past 15 years, Wick has specialized in Lighting/Electrical sales, immersing himself in the industry. Throughout his career, he has held various roles, including outside salesperson, sales manager, and working for a representative agency. Currently, he operates as an independent representative, running his own company. Wick’s diverse experience has equipped him with a comprehensive understanding of the sales landscape, allowing him to approach each opportunity with a multifaceted perspective.

Wick’s exceptional sales performance in Texas from 2001 to 2004 showcased his talent and determination. He significantly increased sales for Meletio Electrical Supply, leading to a well-deserved promotion to Sales Manager. Seeking new challenges, Wick made a move to Florida in 2004, embarking on a new venture alongside Monique Dranguet Mackenzie—D & M Sales of Florida. Together, they achieved remarkable success, driving sales growth in the region by over 60%. Wick’s proven track record of surpassing targets and delivering exceptional results highlights his expertise and dedication to excellence.

Monique Dranguet Mackenzie

Monique Dranguet Mackenzie, like Wick, possesses a strong inclination for knocking on doors and building relationships. Her approach involves genuine listening, proactive communication, and a combination of unwavering determination and friendly expertise. With an impressive career spanning 20 years solely in lighting sales, Monique has consistently showcased her skills and knowledge in the field. She began her journey at Meletio Electrical Supply, spending five years as an inside salesperson before transitioning to outside sales for another five years. Specializing in design layout and matching the right fixtures and lamps for each application, Monique consistently exceeded her quotas and even managed to increase them during her tenure.

In 2003, Monique joined York Sales and Service, an independent representative firm in Texas. Her role involved calling on electrical distribution branches and showrooms, providing valuable training and building relationships with customers. Seeking new opportunities, Monique relocated to Florida in 2004 and co-founded D & M Sales of Florida alongside Wick Mackenzie. Together, they achieved remarkable success by driving sales growth in the region by over 60%. Since her move to Florida, Monique has actively contributed to the industry by conducting product training classes and participating in various training expos. Her comprehensive approach involves establishing loyalty by engaging both distributors and contractors.

Monique’s track record exemplifies her dedication to sales and customer satisfaction. Her expertise, combined with her commitment to building strong relationships, has propelled her career forward, making her a trusted and respected professional in the lighting sales industry.

Our Mission

At Texas Landscape Lighting Sales, our mission is to illuminate and enhance outdoor spaces with the highest quality lighting solutions from Kichler Landscape Lighting. We are committed to providing exceptional service and expertise to our customers, empowering them to transform landscapes into captivating and functional environments. Through our dedication to innovation, education, and customer satisfaction, we strive to be the trusted partner for landscape lighting professionals and enthusiasts across Texas. Together, we brighten lives and create unforgettable outdoor experiences.

Our Vision

Our vision at Texas Landscape Lighting Sales is to be the leading manufacturer’s rep of Kichler Landscape Lighting products in Texas, inspiring and empowering individuals and businesses to transform outdoor spaces into extraordinary illuminated masterpieces. We envision a future where every landscape is thoughtfully illuminated, creating captivating environments that enrich lives, promote safety, and showcase the beauty of nature. Through our unwavering commitment to quality, innovation, and exceptional customer service, we aim to be the go-to destination for landscape lighting professionals, architects, contractors, and homeowners seeking the finest lighting solutions. Together, we brighten the Texas landscape, one light at a time.

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