About Texas Landscape Lighting Sales

cropped-txllslogo-1.pngWe are your New Kichler Rep in Texas

We have been in lighting industry for over 17 years. At TXLLSales we help distributors and contractors increase sales by understanding the benefit and features of our products. We are independent representatives and are proud to represent Kichler.

Landscape Lighting, LED, Green Products are our specialty

We have products that cover all aspects of landscape lighting especially LED. Our products represent the best quality in the industry and we are proud to offer training and consultations to distributors and contractors to illustrate all the best benefits, uses and ways to increase sales.

Who is Texas Landscape Lighting Sales?

Wick Mackenzie

Wick Mackenzie has not knocked on every door in Texas, but there is always tomorrow! He is strategic, he is persistent, and he is results-driven. Winston Churchill said to the English people “Never, never, never, quit.” Wick uses the same philosophy today in sales. Never quit learning, never quit training, never take no for the answer and never, never, never quit selling. You may not succeed today, just never quit. Tomorrow will bring better results.

Wick Mackenzie Contact Information:
Cell:      407-383-4173
E-mail:  wick (at) txllsales (dot) com

Monique Dranguet Mackenzie
Monique Dranguet Mackenzie also likes to knock on doors. She talks and builds relationships. She genuinely listens, she mails the material and follows up, and she is unflappable, determined and as knowledgeable as she is friendly.  Her stats are equally impressive:


Monique Dranguet Mackenzie Contact Information:
Cell:     972-342-7786
E-mail: monique (at) txllsales (dot) com